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Chatbots are tools to humanize applications through conversation.

Ortega y Gasset wrote: "Man begins when technique begins." And since we started creating technology, we've been trying to simplify it, make it more affordable and easier to use. As a result of this process, user experience is today one of the pillars of any web or mobile application. To be successful, a system must not only be technically flawless, but it should also be easy to operate.

In this evolution of user interfaces, chatbots have come into the scene very strongly. They are tools to humanize the applications through conversation. Chatbots can dialogue with people through messaging channels, such as Facebook Messenger, and your own website.

Chatbots are very useful for any type of business, from SMEs to large organizations. Consumer brands, banks, transport companies and even city councils already use chatbots to interact with users.

The chatbots generate value with clients already at the first contact with your brand, providing utility, speeding up sales and queries. Discover below the benefits of implementing a chatbot in your business and its practical applications. In addition to chatting with the chatbots we have developed, we offer you a trial to find out firsthand how they can help you drive your business forward.

Chatbots in less than 5 minutes


Customers would rather talk than navigate. While web or mobile interfaces are artificial, the conversation is natural. Chatbots collect information during the conversation, directing the user to conversion (purchase or acquisition of a product or service).


Chatbots are a great tool for your customers to know that you are listening to their preferences and taking steps to meet their expectations. By offering innovation you show that you are concerned about the experience you have created for your customers, providing them with excellent, quality service that helps to build customer loyalty.

Reduction of costs

Save costs on defined conversations that will always end up where you want them and where your customer needs them. You can create a new sales or support channel according to your needs. Our chatbots are scalable, they grow with your business, attending simultaneously to the number of people you need.

24x7 availability

Our chatbots are always available and give answers that are not only automatic and immediate but also accurate, effective and decisive.


Chatbots make it easy for users to find the product they are looking for without wasting time diving the web. By asking a few simple questions to the potential customer, the chatbot offers you all those products that are related to your previous answers.

Market research

Chatbots allow you to get to know your customer objectively. They obtain information that users share with them, their questions and doubts. Thanks to this data you can identify your target customer and the most demanded and successful products more quickly and clearly.


We offer solutions adaptable to any business, whether you are an SME or a multinational. We identify what kind of interactions you can automatize with a robot, defining real use cases to design the chatbot that best allows you to create an exceptional experience for your customers.


Present your services, products and events in a simple and comfortable way for your clients, who only have to follow a natural conversation.


In addition to capturing leads, chatbots take advantage of integration with your e-commerce and CRM (services we also offer) to offer suggestions based on user preferences and to promote cross-selling and up-selling.


Our chatbots are an effective solution to answer cataloged problems.


Automate the mechanical tasks of the trainers to free them up and allow them to spend more time attending to their students.


Support in telemedicine for the resolution of simple cases.

Smart Cities

Making intelligent use of Open Data, our chatbots become a very powerful tool to make Smart Cities a reality, making all kinds of public information available to anyone in a simple way.


This photography company is the first to implement a chatbot. Do you want to talk to her?


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